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In the Media

What People Have Been Saying About Us

“We can’t allow a problem with violence prompt us to ignore the constitutional rights of law-abiding individuals who lawfully own guns to protect themselves and their families,” said attorney Daniel Hagan.

Rifle Bullets

Springfield Lawyer Represents Mobsters

‘I don’t represent rats’: Attorney for Springfield mob associate asks for unusual redress


Rafael Pagan, MA

Great attorney who understands the intricacies of the 2nd amendment. He will advocate on your behalf fully.
He was very knowledgeable, very reasonable, and went above and beyond to help remedy the situation. He appealed the deniel letter of my application for my LTC in a timely manner! He went above and beyond to help fight for my rights! I received the judgment findings in my favor, and they will issue my LTC. I am extremely satisfied, and I highly recommend him and his expertise.
Great service and quick response time. If you're looking for excellent service and for someone to fight hard for your situations, attorney Daniel Hagan is your guy! Don't think twice! Thank you, attorney Hagan, I could sleep in peace knowing that me and family will be safe!

Daniel Fagan, MA

I've been In L.E. for 20 years and have never seen anyone better than Dan Hagan regarding knowledge of Firearms Gun Laws and knowledge of peoples Constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment. If you or someone you know has been denied your right to carry a firearm or have restrictions placed on your LTC, Attorney Hagan is the best Gun around. Fight for your RIGHTS and Contact him.

Rich Otero, MA

Will definitely recommend him to everyone I know! He’s a great lawyer! He took my case and got the job done. Very intelligent, and really knows his stuff. Dan your the man! Thanks
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